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Not every white sparkling wine is Prosecco.
Not every Prosecco is a "Prosecco Superiore di Conegliano and Valdobbiadene".  
With fancy bubbles, still and quite as a robust farmer, charming as a regal Spumante. The delighting Cartizze Spumante, a hidden treasure along the "Strada del Prosecco".
Staying in the heart of the Prosecco area, Conegliano, during the tour we will explore the enchanting area, eating great food, sipping and enjoying many different kinds of Prosecco and learning a lot about this wonderful wine.
2015 Dates:
06-12 June

Price per person: Euros 2480 (6 nights) - Single supplement Euros 160
Spend a weekend in Bologna center at very pretty mansard roof apartment, enjoying food, cooking, visits to Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and balsamic vinegar producers. Taste the best salumi, the best egg pasta (tagliatelle with bolognese, tortelloni with ricotta filling, lasagna, tortellini in broth), great gelato and local wines.
Walk in the center admiring the beautiful architecture, the University area, the several churches and interesting museums.
Available all year round, upon request (from Thursday to Sunday)

Price per person: Euros 650 - Eventual third person Euros 480
Emilia Romagna and its capital Bologna "La Grassa" (the Fat) are recognized, even by Italians, Italy's gastronomic paradise. Parmigiano Reggiano, prosciutto di Parma, balsamic vinegar of Modena, mortadella, culatello di Zibello are just some of the wonderful products that our region offers.
Available all year round, upon request, except on Sundays and other holidays

Price per person: Euros 90 (for a minimum of 2 participants)
Emilia Romagna is not only a paradise for the food, but it is also called the "motor valley". Some of the most important brands of cars and motorcycles are produced in this region. Join us for a day mix of great food, wine and motors. Maranello is a very short driving from Bologna: you will have the unique experience to test drive a Ferrari "California" in the land of Ferrari!
Not only cars but also delicious food, learning and tasting the best foods that our region offers. An educational, greedy and fun day not to be missed!
Available all year round, upon request

Price per person: Euros 320 (for a minimum of 2 participants)
Do you celebrate an important birthday or a very special anniversary together with your friends and family and would like to take a tour* in Italy?
We have a beautiful present for you!
If you take with you at least 4 people (plus you) in the tour we offer you a 50% discount on your price.
If you reach 6 people (plus you) you are free!

*any of our scheduled tours

Available all year round, upon request

Price per person: Euros Depending on the tour
Are you staying in Bologna and wish to spend a day escaping from the city and exploring the countryside? Only a short drive from Bologna, the Romagna area is for sure still a more hidden and undiscovered part of the region. It is a beautiful land, its agriculture is very rich and its landscapes are gorgeous. Historically, it is the poorest part of the region, but the food has a primary importance. It is the land of piadina, Sangiovese wine, olive trees and wonderful pastas such as cappelletti, garganelli, strozzapreti and other foods less famous but full of flavor. Immerse yourself for a day in the real local life, exploring enchanting places off-the-beaten paths.
Available all year round, upon request, except on Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays

Price per person: Euros 350 (for a minimum of 2 participants)
Puglia - Food and Wine tour in Bari, Alberobello area, Matera and Lecce.
A strange feeling of antiquity, sharp colours and flavours of wild nature sorrounds Puglia.
Dividing the Adriatic from the Ionian sea and connecting West to the East, Puglia was part of Magna Grecia, then of the Roman Empire who built there via Appia ending in Brindisi. Later of the Bourbons gave Puglia a Spanish touch.
Colours defining the different seasons, each one bringing with it special vegetables and fruits together with mozzarella, burrata, olives and friselle with tomatoes, symbol of Mediterranean diet.
Through a taste of Primitivo di Manduria and Negroamaro wines you will understand the strenght of the land. In Salento, by the coast, a delicate taste of Rosè perfectly matches with light dishes and sunny days.
For so many centuries Puglia was conquered, now the beauty of the region is going to conquer you!
2015 Date:
09-16 May

Price per person: Euros 2860 - Single Supplement Euros 250
We have the privilege to work in collaboration with Janice Veech, owner of Go Yogi Chef (goyogichef.com). As a classically trained Chef from Le Cordon Bleu, she has worked at one of the top restaurants in Paris. Janice is a 430+ hour certified yoga teacher in both Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga. Her goal is to lead people to spiritually charged areas of the world to connect with that energy through food, yoga, and local culture.
A field of unlimited creativity is always available when we are connected to our authenticity. Join us on this journey to awaken our sense of inner beauty and goodness.
2014 Date:
01-08 November

Price per person: Euros 2400
If you are in Bologna, a visit to a Parmigiano Reggiano factory and to a producer of traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena is a MUST DO!
We organize a day excursion and personally guide you to the area of Modena to see from the source where these two wonderful products are made and to learn what makes them so special.What does it make Parmigiano Reggiano so special?
We still wonder whether that’s because of the ingredients, the way wheels are seasoned, the special climate of Emilia or simply the efforts and love that producers give it. Share with us the authentic taste of the king of the cheeses and learn the way how Parmigiano is produced.
Available all year round, upon request

Price per person: Euros 165 (for a minimum of 2 participants)
Black truffle, mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, cereals and legumes, the superb Sagrantino di Montefalco and other excellent red wines are just some of the most known products of this area plenty of art, history, culture and surrounded by lovely hilltowns and beautiful scenery. Umbria is as well the region of Assisi -where San Francis lived-, Perugia -famous for the chocolate, Deruta - for the ceramics, Norcia for San Benedetto and for the pork cured meat, Castelluccio for the best lentils, Spoleto for the music festival, Trevi -capital of the extravirgin olive oil- and many more wonderful places.
Come and taste our Italy!
-- Please, check our special offer for 2015!
2015 Dates:
22-28 March * 21-27 June * 26 July-01 August * 18-24 October
This tour is also available upon request in other dates all year round
Price per person: Euros 2530 (6 nights) - Single Supplement Euros 150
The Spring and Summer tour in Emilia Romagna wants to show our guests the loveliness of the countryside, the flavors of the food, the richness of the cuisine, the charm of Bologna, the beauty of the Byzantine mosaics in Ravenna, the passion of the artisans that we visit. An aromatic herb garden visit, followed by a cooking class on aromatic herbs, hand-made pasta, Parmigiano Reggiano --Parmesan cheese-- factory visit, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena producer visit, gourmet lunches, food market visit, hands-on cooking class at Italian family. Each person you meet will offer you his knowledge and passion.
Come and taste our Italy!
2015 Dates:
12-17 April * 24-29 May * 14-19 June * 12-17 July * 30 August-04 September * 13-18 September * 27 September-01 October
This tour is also available upon request in other dates from April to September
Price per person: Euros 2380 (5 night) - Single Supplement Euros 230
This program is studied for professional chefs who want to deepen their knowledge learning new techniques (i.e. how to make the best egg pasta from scratch: tortellini, tortelloni, lasagna, tagliatelle, bolognese sauce) and getting new ideas for their menu, without renouncing to their holidays. Every day a cooking class with restaurant chefs or family cooks and food related visits to the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory, the balsamic vinegar producer, the prosciutto di Parma factory and, depending on the season, the aromatic herb garden or the truffle hunting. You will learn precious information about many food products and how to recognize the authentic products from the fake!
Available all year round, upon request

Price per person: Euros ...on request
We always say that it is very easy to be vegetarian in Italy! Even in Emilia Romagna, the land famous for the prosciutto and mortadella, there are many traditional recipes perfect for vegetarians. In the past many people were very poor and meat was not always available, moreover in some periods of the year for religious reasons meat was not eaten. So there are several traditional "poor" but mouthwatering dishes that are great not only for vegetarians.
We will guide you to taste many of them!
Please, read our sample itinerary.
Available all year round, upon request

Price per person: Euros
Visiting Emilia Romagna during the cold season will allow you to do activities and experiences not possible in other periods of the year. In October the white truffle season starts, November is the month when we harvest olives and make the new extra virgin olive oil. Take the opportunity to hunt truffles with the truffle man and his special trained dog, to harvest the olives and taste the first drop of the new olive oil, drink the new wine together with the chestnuts (very traditional in this area), visit a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory and a balsamic vinegar producer, end the tour with a fabulous gala dinner at the Michelin starred restaurant San Domenico in Imola. Come and taste our Italy!
2014 Dates: 07-12 December
2015 Dates: 10-15 February * 11-16 October * 01-06 November * 06-11 December
This tour is also available upon request in other dates from October to March
Price per person: Euros 2440 - Single supplement Euros 230
Piemonte (Piedmont) region is best known for its wonderful red wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and many others. Ideal for wine lovers who like superior wines. Piedmont is also known for the bounty of "antipasti" that characterize every meal. You will enjoy a week with a lot of wine tastings and food, surrounded by outstanding views of the vineyards, you will meet authentic local people, hard workers, very proud of their land. You will visit also Torino (Turin) the aristocratic first capital of Italy, unexpectedly gorgeous city.
Come and taste our Italy!
2015 Dates:
04-10 July * 05-11 September
This tour is also available upon request in other periods of the year
Price per person: Euros 2700 - Single Supplement Euros 270
Great white and red wines (Verdicchio, Rosso Piceno, Rosso Conero, Vernaccia), fresh fish and shellfish, very good extra virgin olive oil and truffle are some of the wonderful products of the region, situated along the Adriatic coast. You will spend a week staying at a beautiful seaside hotel, typical Italian and surrounded by a gorgeous panorama. Everyday we will explore a new territory, visiting wineries, olive oil producers, making bread at the cereal mill, going to the port and buying the fish directly from the fishermen in their boats, then cooking it in the restaurant kitchen with the chef! Come and taste our Italy!
2015 Dates:
26 April-01 May * 20-25 September
This tour is also available upon request in other dates from April to September
Price per person: Euros 2420 (5 nights) - Single supplement Euros 180
Explore a sampling of Italian gastronomic foods in the region of Emilia Romagna in just one day! Guided tour of Italian food market in downtown Bologna, followed by a hands-on Italian cooking class at private home, followed by a gourmet dinner. Local foods include Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan cheese), Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Prosciutto, Mortadella among other local specialties.
Available all year round, upon request, except on Sundays and other holidays

Price per person: Euros 200 (for a minimum of 2 participants)
Still haven’t found “your” tour?
Do you want something special designed for you only?
Would you like to take a tour with your family or friends?
Or celebrate your wedding, anniversary, honeymoon or birthday in Italy?
Let us design the holiday you’ve always dreamed of.
Come and taste our Italy!
Available all year round, upon request

Price per person: Euros On request
Experience a gourmet cooking tour in Italy during Christmas holiday! You will live the warm Italian atmosphere of this beautiful period in Bologna and have a special New Year's eve dinner Italian style at a romantic place in the countryside. You will learn more about local traditions, food products and Italian cooking.
Come and taste our Italy!
2014/2015 Date
27 December 2014-01 January 2015

Price per person: Euros 2180 - Single Supplement Euros 220
This week is the period of the year, there is an artisan gelato (ice-cream), confectionary and bakery fair in Rimini, SIGEP, the most important in the world for gealto. This international event is perfect for gelato lovers'. Combine your love for Italian gelato with your love for cooking, good food and good wine and your interest in Italian products and traditions! Very interesting especially for Chefs! Come and taste our Italy!
2015 Date:
18-23 January

Price per person: Euros TBA
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